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"A half finished shawl left on the coffee table isn't a mess;
it's an object of art."

- Stephannie Pearl McFee - 

I have always been the go to girl.... You need it done, get Jenn to throw it together.  Whether it is graphic design, reports or administrative, I loved helping people, but after a stressful work life, it is time to focus on myself for a change. After hearing a statement that "we spend 2/3 of our waking lives at work, so you had better love what you do", I realised it was time to re-evaluate my priorities.

All Tied Up Yarn & Crafts was born of an idea.  The idea that I wanted to experience a life where I was eager to go to work because it was a beautiful place; full of creativity.  I wanted it to be valuable to people and that they would be able to find creative passion.  I also wanted to focus on building a sense of community and respect- What is discussed at the Knit n' Natters, stays in the Knit n' Natter...

I look forward to seeing you here at the shop!

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