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Garment Repairs

$15 / 30 mins   $30/ hour + cost of required materials.

Garment repair is quoted on a case by case basis, and I'll try to give you an accurate quote when you bring your garment in.  We cannot provide quotes over the phone or without seeing the item in question.  Where possible, please use a stitch marker or safety pin to catch dropped stitches and prevent further damage.

holey mistakes.jpg
Holey sweater.jpg

Project First Aid 

$5 / 15 mins   $25/ hour + cost of required materials.

Sometimes bad things happen to good knitters...  and if it is not something that we can do while you wait - 10 minutes or less - we are still happy to help, but there is a cost involved.  This includes but is not limitted to frogging (ripping out work), fixing mistakes, reworking sections of a project and helping with serious alterations to patterns and projects.

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